Traveling light

I recently had to move from the land of my birth to a new city in a different country. On my exit flight, I had a luggage limit of 30 kgs. That was a very big problem. You see, I am the type who person who has difficulties throwing anything away. I always think that I will need it in the future. Now, not only did I have to narrow down my most important items into 30kgs, but also had to pack the rest of my belongings to occupy as little space as possible. In short, I had to get rid of my non-essentials.

And so the sorting and categorization of my stuff began. I found that some items I simply had to forget and throw away, some I could store for future use and others found new homes with my friends and family. What started as a mammoth, difficult task turned out to be a richly rewarding experience when I involved others in it.

Life can be like that sometimes. We walk around with so much stuff in us, both good and bad, and all it does is weigh us down. Perhaps its time to learn how to travel light. I believe life would be much easier if we learnt the stuff in our lives to forget, store for future use or give away to others.

Our hearts would be lighter if we chose to forgive and forget all the bad stuff that happened to us, giving that hurt to God, the only one who can heal it. Our lives would be richer if we learnt to store the beautiful moments happening today in our minds and hearts, to encourage us when times get a bit harder. Our relationships would be stronger if we remembered to give away a smile even when we are exhausted, to give away a word of encouragement even when we are discouraged, to give away our time and affection even when the daily grind is pulling us in other directions. Traveling light is not easy, but I am convinced that it might be one of the most fulfilling ways to live life yet!

Published by Watare Ndungu

A purpose driven woman looking to spread the love of Christ in the world

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