A Tribute to my King

Time seems to stand still,
As I take a moment to feel,
The peace that comes from doing your will,
And reward for keeping it real.

You created me,
Out of dust and ashes you molded me,
And now I can see,
How you want things to be.


I lay my life in your hand,
Like a little grain of sand,
As you lead me to the promised land,
On your promises I will forever stand.

I thank you for all my blessings,
For your warmth love and good tidings,
In your house I’ll always be praising,
As I follow and you keep on leading!

Psalms 107:1
Give thanks to the Lord for he is good;
His love endures forever

Published by Watare Ndungu

A purpose driven woman looking to spread the love of Christ in the world

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