When God shows you the real you

Picture this: You are going about your day, minding your own business, just doing what you need to do. You get up, fix yourself your morning beverage of choice, look at your daily planner and start on your day. Just another ordinary day with ordinary stuff to do. But then, your life gets interrupted. AnContinue reading “When God shows you the real you”

A Jacob Experience, Part 4: The eternal promise

My summary of what I have learned from the story of Jacob would not be complete without touching on the eternal perspectives that this story demonstrates to me. It took Jacob many years, and many ups and downs, for him to get to that place where he could find peace in God, and see allContinue reading “A Jacob Experience, Part 4: The eternal promise”

A Jacob Experience, Part 3: The prosperity

Last week and this week, I have been sharing what I have been learning from Jacob’s story in the Bible. I just love how God makes his word come alive and speak to us in every season. This story gives me hope and encouragement. It reminds me that no matter how things seem in theContinue reading “A Jacob Experience, Part 3: The prosperity”

A Jacob Experience, Part 2: The restoration

Sometimes I find it difficult to look inwards and see the things in me that I need to allow God to work on. God, however is gracious and compassionate. In His infinite patience, he waits until I come to the end of my own schemes and plans to show me a better way. To showContinue reading “A Jacob Experience, Part 2: The restoration”

A Jacob experience, Part 1: The brokenness

This post is the first of four that will discuss what I have been learning from the story of Jacob recorded in Genesis. I hope you will find it an enjoyable, thought provoking, and encouraging read. This story reminds me of the goodness of God, and how He works over time, through multiple generations, despiteContinue reading “A Jacob experience, Part 1: The brokenness”