The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer…

Originally posted on James Radcliffe:
Human beings are creatures of synthesis, whose primary aim in life is: to create higher patterns of energy and information.  Our relentlessly unceasing innovation is hardwired into our very being and fully indiscriminate.  The most important choice we can possibly make in our lives is: the choice of where to…

Inside a poets heart

Inside a poet’s heart, Lies a hidden well, Bubbling with truths, Bubbling with dreams, Bubbling with questions needing answers. Inside a poet’s heart, Lies a dark maze, That is slowly lit, By a steady trail of words, Streaming from her heart to her pen. Inside a poet’s heart, Lies stories and secrets, That are yetContinue reading “Inside a poets heart”

Sharing stories, sharing hope

Every life is unique, with a story to tell. The beauty of this life we live is that experiences others have gone through can give us renewed hope and energy. Many times in my life I have been greatly encouraged by the people I have interacted with. Today I’d like to share one life storyContinue reading “Sharing stories, sharing hope”

Accidents and consequences

Who would have thought that an accident would be a source of inspiration? So there I was driving home feeling super confident as usual, after a fun catching up session with my girlfriend. It was one of those days that traffic is exceptionally light and there’s not too much drama on the road. It was quite easyContinue reading “Accidents and consequences”

Thank you for your smile

It has always been said that giving a smile away leaves one richer. Indeed it does. There are many benefits to smiling, the importance of sharing some happiness through a smile can never be overstated. However, over the last few days I have come to discover being on the receiving end of a smile can also be life changing. IContinue reading “Thank you for your smile”

Success in detail

I’m borrowing this from my pastor, who recently spelt out some of the key areas that define success for a Christian. I hope it encourages you to keep on keeping on as much as it did for me: S – Sense of direction Without a vision and knowing where you are going, then success will be an elusiveContinue reading “Success in detail”